Florence + the Machine!!


We Need A Little Pretty, Cause This Country's Insane

Friends Only
Florence + the Machine!!
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k so pretty much now you tempted fate, I had to stalk you.
and then i find you're into vampires, so now you're just stuck with me. kat (aka me) feels compelled to friend pnutbutterjello (aka you)


if I haven't scared you off with all my hardcore lurking, feel free to friend back =)

Well HELLO! (again)
I suppose I'm stuck with you, so I'll just have to add you back!


Sadly your hardcore lurking didn't scare me off.

haha aw darn,
and here i thought i had a foolproof plan to scare you off ;)

Oh, you did scare me but if you want to be rly scared you should meet my friends. they're bloody lunatics.

haha you obviously haven't met my friends.
we're much the same.
except we tend to be super sarcastic too =P

Hello. I was searching for Escape the Fate fans and came across your profile. I clicked on it and I see that you're a Twilight fan too, and a member of Lion/Lamb. I am a member as well, and love Twilight. I'm also a music fanatic. Mind if I friend you? xx

Music and Twilight fanatics are always welcome unless they listen to terrible music!!! Yeh, I'll friend you!

thanks for the reply to "guilt".
So glad someone else understands!
Seems like i'm alone in the whole guilt thing
most of the time.
take care,

Oh, that's okay
I was actually thinking about it the other day and then you post an entry on it.
I'm just glad I'm not the only one aswell.
Take care also x

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